Wednesday, May 25, 2011

You want me to what?

I used to think work was pretty decent. It had it's bad days, the coffee tastes like burning, the view outside consists of a lone tree and a slatted wall, and the usual day to day office shenanigans. Today, well today opened a whole other door of "having a bad day". I can usually deal with what work throws at me, but I draw the line when I'm asked to pee in a cup at the office. Yup, that's right. They're in the process of extending our health care plan, but when they want to weigh me, measure me, take my blood pressure three times and want a urine sample, that's pretty much the line that I'm not going to cross in my work environment. I asked if I can go to my doctor to have it done, but nope. She needs to do it. Well, can she at least answer one question: Is the information kept confidential? She was unable to answer that, but gave me the form that I would have to sign after going through said tests. It states: the US and Canadian Government have access to all of my information at any time, once I "sign below".

No thanks. 

So, those of you who are sitting at their desk reading this, thinking how crappy the coffee at your office is, or how annoying Joe from accounting is, just be grateful that they haven't asked for your pee.

I spent last weekend in Seattle, our neighbor to the south. We loaded our bikes in the truck, and managed to evade rain the whole weekend. Biking around Seattle is amazing, but it does make one appreciate the condition of our roads up here in Van. I felt like I was on a slalom course on some streets, constantly weaving in and out of gargantuan potholes. The weekend was relaxing, pretty non-eventful. Batting cages, a couple of great restaurants, and a day at the street fair, which was overrun by Seattle hippies.

Our beloved Canucks have secured a spot in the Stanley Cup Finals. The streets of Vancouver went up in a roar with our victory last night, and everyone was all smiles on my way home. The horn honking and yelling didn't subside until the wee hours of the morning, and the stillness of this morning makes me believe that half the city is hungover. Yours truly, however, resisted all temptation and sent myself to bed after the game. I have a bout with my personal trainer today at 5, and I don't think I would be able to fight through that if I was feeling like many others in the city are no doubt feeling today.

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