Tuesday, March 22, 2011


75 - the number of days that I was a vegetarian before this (original plan was 30)

8 - the number of days I was vegan

2 - the number of sausages I ate at my Uncle's BBQ party

0 - the amount of times I plan on doing that again.

It was a sunny day, perfect for having a BBQ. In the past two and a half months, the only time that meat ever really made an appearance in my food fantasies was when I was thinking about these amazing grilled sausages that my Uncle makes when we go over to his house. And because of that, I knew this day would come. I was faced with those oh-so-tasty parcels of meat, and I caved. I ate half. Then another half. Then another whole one. I sort of felt like I had just flushed the last seventy-five days down the toilet...and I suppose in a way I did. Those tasty treats didn't treat my tummy too well. Four tums later I was feeling a bit better, but the brunt of it hit me the next morning. I don't think I'd ever put myself through that again. I suppose that was a good experience in a way, because now even the one thing that I would really really miss with not eating meat is no longer that appealing to me.

Following that was two days of drinking at crappy eating (it was my birthday weekend, after all). Now, as I sit here with a heaping plate of veggies, I'm starting to feel better again. I've completed my first day at my own "last 10 lbs bootcamp", and I can tell you right now that I'll be sore tomorrow. I leave for my sunny vacation in one month, which should help keep me motivated. Looks like the weather is picking up around these parts, too. Looking forward to the month ahead.


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