Wednesday, February 23, 2011

cookbooks make all the difference

Sitting at work yesterday, I started thinking about what to make for dinner. Tofu? Beans? Tofu WITH beans? That's when I came to the realization that I really needed to broaden my choices if I'm going to make this work. A quick jaunt around the corner and 25 dollars later, I had in my hands a shiny new cookbook: Vegan Yum Yum by Lauren Ulm. What sold me on this book was the fact that every single recipe had a delicious photograph of the finished dish. Surprisingly, not many cookbooks do this. As I was flipping through, one recipe jumped out at me: Hurry Up Alfredo. Wait wait wait...Alfredo?  I can have alfredo sauce? So, like a kid on Christmas morning, I couldn't wait to get started. Lets see...cashews, yum! soy milk, yum!, not so yum. Nutritional yeast? ok, wierd. I decided not to judge it, and just do as it said. That is quite possibly one of the best choices I have ever made, because this pasta was spectacular. It was creamy, salty, thick and rich. A couple of splashes of hot sauce, and I was in pasta heaven. So, my tip for any of you interested in trying Vegan cooking: just try new recipes, even if they seem weird, or contain things that you don't think you like.

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