Tuesday, February 22, 2011

This is soy much harder than I thought...

So yesterdays attempt at eating and being vegan was pretty much a big fail. It began when, out of years of habit, I squeezed honey into my coffee. One hour into my first day at attempting to be vegan, and I've already screwed it up. I shrugged it off, and vowed to remember next time. As snow started falling later in the afternoon, a co-worker came up with the incredibly delicious idea of hot chocolate. As the door closed behind him, my voice screaming after him to "MAKE IT SOY!!" was echoed through the halls. Mission accomplished. I smugly sat in my chair, proud of my great dedication to this new vegan thing, only to have the smile melt away as quick as the whipping cream gooping up the top of my new found hot chocolate. Ohhh, darn. Well, since the whipping cream is ALREADY in there, and it wasn't a conscious decision to order it on MY part...does it really count? After much deliberation, I decided that I wouldn't feel right eating it, no matter what. So, I scooped out what I could, and enjoyed the remainder of my 95% soy hot chocolate. Oh wait. There's sugar in hot chocolate. Sugar's not vegan...ugh. I swigged it back anyways, feeling semi-guilty, and again, I vowed to remember for next time. 

Home sweet home after a long day of work, I had friends over for a painting session, and we decided to save my kitchen the mess and just order in. No problemo! Vegetable pasta for me please, no cheese on it. Thanks! It came, it was tasty, and I was satisfied that there was at least one meal that I didn't mess up somehow. Well, that was short lived. One of my friends had saganaki (you know, breaded and deep fried Greek cheese?) After two glasses of wine, my self control was non-existent, and I had some. I'm not going to lie. It was DELICIOUS. Delicious with an aftertaste of guilt. 

I hope that was the last slip-up. I do think that I managed to learn my lesson. I had a pretty bad tummy ache this morning, and I figure that the lump of deep fried cheese sitting in my gut had something to do with it. I need to get some Teese, so next time the uncontrollable urge for cheese arises (and trust me, it WILL), I'll be prepared to whip up a grilled "cheese" sandwich and satisfy the cheese-beast that lives inside me.

Well, living up to my word, this morning, as I poured my coffee and instinctively poured honey into the spoon to stir it in, I remembered. No honey. But it's already poured...sooooo. NO HONEY. I washed off the spoon in the sink, reached for the organic raw sugar, and stirred away with a nice pour of soy creamer. The guilt-free coffee tastes much better. 

Trust me.

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