Monday, February 21, 2011

The day I decided.

The weekend, although cold, was beautiful. The sun was out full force on both Saturday and Sunday, coaxing about 95% of the population outdoors, myself included. 

As I sat wondering what to make of Saturday, I happened upon a gift I received last year for my birthday. Determined to put all my fear aside, I dusted off the rollerskates and headed down to the underground garage of my building, far from prying eyes. They have seen some use on the 600 square feet of hardwood in my apartment, but I knew that unless the seawall had couches and chairs, I'd be doomed. Time to brave the concrete.

Several minutes of lace-tying and many deep breaths later, I stood up. I'm not sure how to even describe the first time getting up on rollerskates, but it can probably be likened to the tilt-a-whirl. An hour later, I'm proud to say I could skate pillar to pillar in the parkade. Fantastic! Feeling like something phenomenal had been accomplished, I retreated back to my lair and spent the remainder of the afternoon sitting in the sun trying to figure out how to crank out my next masterpiece.

Sunday led me to the local convention centre. The Vancouver Wellness Show was on. I guess a little wellness never hurt anyone. Aside from the booths stating that they knew the spiritual reasons behind UFO visits, and those insisting that you could "vibrate" yourself thin on expensive-looking machinery, it was a pretty good show. As I strolled home with my two re-usable bags filled with expensive flax crackers and some freeze-dried fruit whose package boasts 90% nutrient retention, I couldn't help but feel like a bit of a sucker. I had realized I just paid to get into a room and spend money on stuff. But, to be honest, I'll probably go again next year.

Later that day, as I had done some character designs for a friend's blog, I was invited over for some vegan mac and "cheese" for lunch. Incredible. "Teese" may be the food item that will convert me from vegetarian to vegan. I honestly had a hard time telling the difference between that and real cheese. Again - Incredible. There was even grilled "sausage" in there. Mmmmm! Quite possibly this was the best payment for my art that I've ever received.

On that note, I'm going to try to commit to veganism for a little while. I started out with vegetarianism on January 3rd, I suppose as part of a New Year's resolution. Originally the goal was set at 30 days, but that's come and gone and the urge to consume meat really hasn't come up. Tofu is really growing on me as the main part of my dinner meals. It's boneless, it doesn't have random little cartilage bits (yuck), and it's cruelty free! win-win situation, I'd say (and so would the chicken).

So, feel free to follow me on the adventurous road of adopting a vegan lifestyle. This should be interesting indeed.

Till next time,


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