Thursday, April 28, 2011

five-star theives.

Yesterday saw me returning to punching the clock and sitting at a desk. I had spent the prior eight days laying around in Mexico, in the beautiful town of Cabo San Lucas. We stayed near the town, in a beautiful resort which provided eager travelers with unlimited drinks and food. We visited the town a few times, and of course took a water taxi out to see Land's End. We were able to go by the famous arch, which was exposed on a beach, something that happens only once every four years. Lucky us!

The only negative thing I can really think of about the whole trip was the fact that I had my wallet stolen from my room. I'm grateful that it was my travel wallet, and the few items inside can easily be replaced, but I'm a little bummed that I had taken a couple hundred dollars out of a bank machine the night before. I just hope the senor or senorita that stole the wallet desperately needed the money to feed their children, or any other reason that they could use it more than I could have. I guess now I have no excuse for not getting a new drivers license too. The tattered, expired and 9 year old photo of me are now in the hands of some Mexican. Maybe, if their conscience catches up with them, the house I used to live in before I turned 20 will have a wallet show up in the mail one day.

After screaming off my balcony in frustration (which was highly recommended by my sis), we spent most of our time pool side, with a constantly replenished cerveza in our hands. Surprisingly, there were almost always kids in the bar pool, and when they started eating nachos it was pretty much time to move. Trying to dodge soggy nacho chips whilst making ones way to the barstools can pretty much ruin a good buzz. All in all, it was a fantastic trip with wonderful friends, and although I wouldn't return to that resort in particular, I'd be happy to return to Mexico. Maybe a small town, so I can see what real Mexico is like without the tourist hot spots. The one thing that will have me returning is the incredible people. They are all so friendly, and they seem so willing to help out. Especially the guys that always are offering their companionship as a Mexican boyfriend, or offering free Mexican massages (which was nice until I found out what that was...)

Unfortunately, upon returning home I realized that I hadn't taken the time to clean up my apartment. After trying to precariously balance my suitcase on a pile of laundry, I decided that unpacking would have to wait until I cleaned up the rest of my place. As we speak, it's still not done. I managed to catch a cold on the day we returned back to Vancouver, so that's been my excuse. I'll have to see if I can make it through today without keeling over, then I'll work on the cleaning. As for now, I suppose I'll have to get back to this "to-do" pile that's been giving me the stink-eye.


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